This workshop is for small businesses, marketing professionals, freelancers and entrepreneurs who are beginners in video and want to create quality content on very limited budgets.

Video is THE most engaging form of content but can feel out of reach for people with limited budgets and daunting to tackle on your own. You allready have everything you need in your pocket to make a truly impactful video. This workshop will give you the confidence to unlock power of your smartphone and your creative potential.

After the workshop you will:

  • Maximise your phone’s capabilities
  • Instantly improve your videos using key principles
  • Capture interesting, varied and beautiful shots
  • Edit video fast, in the palm of your hand
  • Have your first video shot and edited on the day
  • Get 1on1 tips for your specific projects
  • Be able to produce high quality video content on a ZERO budget
  • Have the confidence you need to continue improving your skills

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